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Because your skin deserves the best


Sorry to quote from Essentially Yours own literature but they tell it as it is!!    

"Did you know that most of the chemicals used on your skin have become associated with cancer, eczema, allergies and even premature ageing? Or that many organic products are based on thick, non-hydrating creams without any added proteins or vitamins?

"The Essentially yours products are free of irritating harsh petrochemicals, drying alcohols and synthetic perfumes - unlike the big named brand you may be using now. We’re the first fully scientific manufacturer - virtually the only one in the UK – to use real, high quality ingredients to repair and rejuvenate your skin. Our vital oils are full of vitamins and our essential oils are full of natural benefits: most of which are missing from other brands.

"Why are we different? We passionately believe that the majority of allergies and skin complaints today are as a result of petrochemicals in cosmetics and toiletries, backed up by current scientific data from universities. Using such chemicals is also potentially carcinogenic.

"Essentially Yours is a uniquely British research & development cosmetic manufacturing company, established in 1999. Our cosmetic scientist specialises in creating organically derived formulations using Soil Association & Ecocert certified essential oils. Our skincare products have therefore only the essential ingredients, with strong anti-ageing and health-benefiting properties. We make the creams and gels that go with the top six anti-ageing treatment machines, so great products are needed.

"Why are we better? Out of 137 brands rated by beauticians in the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists in 2007, ours were in the top ten. Essentially Yours products are made in small batches so they’re still fresh when they reach you. They don’t sit around on shelves for months on end, letting the active plant ingredients diminish. And, unlike ranges using cheap raw materials, ours are made with the very best quality ingredients – unadulterated and certified organic – which means they’re at their most effective.

"Why are we cheaper? Despite using the best ingredients and employing PhD scientists with extensive backgrounds in pharmaceuticals, Essentially Yours is one of the cheapest of the all-organic, all-natural brands. Our ingredients are sourced in the UK and created and manufactured in the UK, helping to keep our prices totally affordable. We work as a tightly-knit team of 15 people and we don’t spend money on flashy distribution or glossy ads. The big brands, on the other hand, push up their prices because they know you’ll pay for the brand image. They spend millions on marketing, using well-known celebrities to endorse them. But that doesn’t mean those actresses use them. With us, all you’re paying for is the science of skincare

"Why are we more effective? You’re probably wondering how we can be better at anti-ageing than the big brands, many of which you’ll have tried and been disappointed with. We’ve devoted over ten years to understanding what the skin needs to slow down. Whether you want to preserve your youthful skin or manage lines and wrinkles, you can easily improve your complexion’s health by using skincare products formulated with antioxidants. Antioxidants keep cells safe and healthy and are abundant in many vitamins, especially in fruits and vegetables. At Essentially Yours, we use 99-100% plant extracts so our products have more antioxidants and, as a result, are more anti-ageing. In addition, our products contain actives for cell rejuvenating, strengthening and protecting, and trapped purified molecules of water to keep the skin hydrated to its maximum level.

"Why are we greener? Did you know that 1.6 billion tons of shampoo and shower gel containing petrochemicals go down our drains every year? Essentially Yours cares about what you and your family use and we care for the environment, which is why we don’t use contaminating ingredients.  Our product packaging is also predominately recyclable, including outer packaging.

"What makes a product the best at anti ageing and removes fine lines? Well first of all you need to understand why you get them and sorry to say this, you’re doing it yourself ! WHAT! I hear you say! - That Petro chemical skincare you apply ever day, yes even the ones at hundreds of pound are drying your skin and premature your skin giving you lines and wrinkles. Come on look at your skin, its ageing, you got the lines, its not what you put in your mouth you should avoid, its what’s coming out of the gobs of the marketing company and beauty writers, its rubbish and just look at there skins to see how aged they look.                      

"So what does work? Well you must avoid the harsh chemicals, come on do you really think that chemicals which are also used in anti freezes, oven cleaners industrial chemicals and then laced with synthetic perfumes and colours are good for your skin ‘but I don’t use them’ o yes you do turn round that bottle look out for names like propylene glycols, pegs, in fact below is a list of chemicals in the top selling brand of professional skincare and what its says about them.

"So now I have said what doesn’t work, in fact what gives you premature ageing let me tell what does, well there is really only a few things that work and that’s antioxidants, vital oils, vitamins, proteins and detoxifiers and they only come from plants yes its true the greens you eat are the best at slowing down the ageing process. Your skin is the biggest organ and largest amount of cells on/in your body, so putting on products full of the plant ingredients is what works best and guess what our products are made from… yes 99-100% plants

"So you may buy a product which says that is has this antioxidants in it or has a few plants in them but there also laden with chemicals that age you in fact the one advantage to being a scientific manufacturer is we can see from the label what’s in a product and I can tell you now if you use any of the well know brands or ranges saying even if they say they have naturals in them, like the girl from forever living or dermalogica or what ever brand big brand chances are they mostly Petro chemicals and you can see yourself by simply applying for our toxic toiletries pack which lists chemicals in products and turning round the bottle and comparing the ingredients

"Or if you want youthfully healthy skin then just move over to us we guarantee you great results and for what price? Well we are cheaper than even the cheapest why? Because we don’t rip you off and the products are made here in good old UK .

"So we offer the most effect products for the least money, much fresher, no harsh chemical to harm your body and great for the environment and even greater for the British economy.

"ALSO this goes for problem skin as well if you suffer from acne/spots, eczema, allergies, Rosacea etc you will see fantastic benefits from avoiding the harsh chemicals and having really healthy fresh cell benefiting products on your skin .

"This  is a copy of the label on a  leading product shown in  the current beauty trade  press :-
Butylene Glycol, glycerine, alkyl benzoate, Glycereth-7, triacetate, di-c, tocopheryl acetate, propylene glycol, carbomer chlorphensin,ammonium glycyilzate, parabens, benzyl alcohol, peg’s, DEA, menthoxypropanediol.

"The above ingredients are listed in “Ruth Winters Cosmetic ingredients consumers dictionary” and many press reports with the following comments appearing next to them:
effects the central nervous system,
damage to kidneys,
efforts are made to have removed as a licensed ingredient,
the FDA has not been shown this to be safe,
ingestion can be fatal,
better known as alcohol ,
anti freeze or brake fluid,
also known as ammonium,
has been found in 70% of Breast cancer tumours."

So that's why I'm using these products, do you want to try them too? Available to purchase at my practise! - Liz

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