Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy is the theraputic use of concentrated plant essences (Essential Oils), to restore and maintain good health. Essential Oils are highly fragrant fluids, obtained from plant material (seeds, roots, fruits, woods and flowers, depending on the plant), they are not greasy but, similar to  oils, will not dissolve in water - they are only soluble in alcohol or vegetable oils. Aromatherapy can enhance wellbeing in a natural  way, whilst  preserving health and avoiding illness by releasing tensions, promoting relaxation, boosting circulation and immunity.


Massage is a valuable and enjoyable use of Aromatherapy, providing us with a most effective way of introducing Essential oils to the body. The specially chosen Essential Oils are blended in a vegetable (carrier) oil  for application to the skin.

The massage itself has it’s own beneficial effects, treating tense muscles, stimulating circulation, dispelling toxins and aiding the relaxation process.

The Essential Oils are readily absorbed through the skin into the blood stream and travel to the body systems, where they can perform their diverse therapeutic functions. Carrier oil aids the flow of massage strokes and leaves the skin nourished and feeling supple.

Some people enjoy Aromatherapy as a pamper. Many attend regularly to keep aches and pains at bay. It is useful in the relief of stress. The emotional pressures and physical insults of modern living, creates a great deal of stress. This can lead to tiredness, irritability, headaches and insomnia, anxiety, depression, muscular pains and lowered immunity. Many unexplained diseases may have roots in stress, from allergies, palpitations and indigestion, to high blood pressure and heart disease. An imbalance of the body and mind, if left unaddressed, may lead to disease.

A full Aromatherapy Massage takes about 70 minutes,but allow upto 2 hours for the appointment A back, neck and shoulder treatment involves about 30-35 minutes of massage. You are likely to feel very relaxed and a little oily following massage (and try not to bath for 6 hours, to allow maximum absorption of the oils), so bear this in mind when booking your appointment time and beware of wearing your best clothes!


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