Holistic Facials

Natural products and Essential Oils are carefully chosen for your skin assessment.The products leave your skin soft and nourished without shine or stickiness!

This Ultimate Facial Experience is just that - incredibly relaxing and rejuvinating. Lasting about an hour, using Tropic skin care products which are free from toxic and un-natural ingredients! You'll look and feel wonderful following this treatment! I've been performing a standard facial treatment for some time now, but this routine surpases anything I've done or experienced before!

Includes cleansing, exfoliation, purifying mask and scalp massage, a nourishing oil aided by hot towels, massage of neck and shoulders, ears and face including specific accupressure points, concluding with serum and moisturiser.

If you're planning a session for a special occasion - a wedding or party, I'd advise booking at least two treatments, the 1st a week or 10 days before, then the 2nd on the day or the day before the event. Unless you have or do weekly facials, then the 1st often has a deep cleansing effect and may bring blemishes to the surface. Also a second session compounds the youth enhancing effects of the 1st.