Your Treatment

The first treatment includes medical and lifestyle questions and possibly postural assessments, enabling me to build a complete picture of ‘You’. The Holistic approach means that we look at a person as a whole, not separating you into individual symptoms. This ensures safe and appropriate choice of Essential Oils or work an appropriate plan of Bowen moves, or other advisor treatment such as Scar Tissue Release.

At subsequent visits, I'll spend a few minutes to catch up on any new problems or relevent recent issues. Each treatment is individual and I blend a unique combination of Essential Oils, tailored to your requirements, at each appointment. Similarly as your body responds and changes with Bowen treatments, subsequent sessions will likely require different moves which are assessed each time.  Noone has exactly the same requirements from one day to the next.

Try to drink plenty of water afterwards, to help flush out toxins stirred up by the therapies and to move (walk around the room perhaps) every 1/2 hour to assist this process.

As a member of F.H.T., I adhere to a strict code of practice, assuring you complete confidentiality. If it seems necessary to consult with your doctor regarding a medical condition, then you will be requested to give your consent.